Creating a Release Page

Last updated 6 months ago

A quick guide to creating a Release Page

To create a Release Page complete the steps below:


Select yourself or an organisation to create your Release Page for. Choose which repositories you would like to include. You can select multiple repositories from the same organisation.​

​ Each selected repository can have a visitor facing display name. If you choose to group releases your Release Page will show this name to your visitors instead of the repository name. If you leave a display name blank, the repository name will be used instead.


Choose from our hero or compact templates and the configure your Release Page with a number of layout settings.

The default settings are shown below. If you want to see what how the settings affect your Release Page you can click 'Preview'.​​


Provide your branding and theme for your Release Page. Upload a logo and/or favicon, set an optional title and description, and set your own colours.

Both the logo and favicon are optional:


Both title and description are optional. If you provide a website URL you'll need to provide a logo as clicking on it will forward here. We recommend you provide at least a logo or a title, otherwise your header will be empty!


You can customise your Release Page with a range of different colours. The defaults are shown below, but you can set these to any colours you like. We recommend setting the primary color to your brand color and seeing how that looks by clicking 'Preview'.



Finalise your Release Page by choosing a subdomain and setting an optional custom domain. You can also track visits by providing us with your Google Analytics tracking ID. ​​​

All that's left to do is click 'Save' and wait a few moments for us to fetch your releases.

Don't forget to publish your release page from the pages list to make it live before sending it to your users!


If you have any questions we are always available via the in app help so don't hesitate to send us a message 😃